Wed, April 1, 2015

Welcome To The 2014
Nascar Sprint Cup Fantasy Racein League

Kevin Harvick Wins
Kevin Harvick Wins Race & 2014 Championship

Winning the race and Championship all in one day, it looked like Hamlin had the car to beat, but those 4 fresh tires on the #4 and the cautions worked in Kevin Harvicks favor. Well all good things must come to an end, a great season, went fast and 2015 will be before you know it. And with all good things comming to an end, this was my last year of running the league, next year we will be relocating to Texas, and that means alot of travel back and forth. I feel I can not do the proper job it requires with everything going on. If any one would like to take it over running the league please let me know. I want to thank everyone for participating and hope you all had a good time with it. I wish everyone a Happy Holiday and a safe New Year, Thx Roy

Our Champion is Maniac Racing

Five Way Tie at Homestead
Git R Dun, Bo's Dad, Maniac Racing, Rmiller, 48 Champ